STOP THE ITCHING, How I Finally Quit Taking my Allergy Medicine- Cetirizine (Zyrtec)

In my continued quest to rid our life of unnecessary “stuff”  that cruds up our bodies, it was time to address the fact that I was taking a Cetirizine allergy pill everyday! Okay, I won’t even pretend this was my idea it was my loving mother’s idea, but I have been taking an allergy pill everyday of my life since I was about 10 (we’re talking a good 2/3 of my life with one of those bad boys every day) and it had become kind of a “habit” or really something I was afraid in a sense to quit taking, because it was really all I knew and I felt like my body needed it. It wasn’t till I actually tried to quit taking it that I became alarmed.

There have been multiple times in the last 20 years that I ran out of medicine and was without it for a few days or forgot to bring it on a trip with me and I was in no exaggeration absolutely miserable by DAY THREE!! My body needed this stuff and I just couldn’t go without it. Doing so made me feel like I was deep into a full blown cold or the flu and the itching, oh the itching it was AWFUL! As I said this happened multiple times and each time I just went back to taking it because my body was screaming to me.

So toward the end of April, right in the middle of a serious Spring in the South, full of lots of pollen, I decided it was time to quit taking my allergy medicine. I stopped taking it, got to day three and again was miserable and ITCHING. I decided this time to search the internet and see if anyone else had problems like I was having.

Would you believe there were A LOT of people like me?? It was almost as if we were going through a withdrawal period from allergy medicine. I couldn’t even believe it! Not only did everyone talk about feeling like they got a miserable cold or the flu, but so many people were talking about the ITCHING, that they had tried so many time to quit but couldn’t stand the itching that would come with stopping the medicine.

I researched a little further and some people talked about weaning off it slowly and that’s what I decided to do. I started by just taking a pill every other day rather than everyday, and did that for about three weeks. I didn’t experience any intense withdrawal symptoms that I couldn’t deal with and immediately felt better that I was already taking half as many pills as before. I was very close to settling with that outcome but I decided to try and just take a half a pill every other day and see how I felt. I did that for about two weeks and then we went out of town for the weekend and I forgot my pills!

I was waiting for the itching.

But it never came!!

I took my last allergy pill on June 1, 2017 and I have not gone back. My body feels so much better that it is handling the allergens that I come in contact with on its own. The only symptoms I sometimes notice is I will be a little more nasally in the morning, or notice a little itching but it is nothing that I cannot handle. These symptoms are in no comparison to what my body (and the bodies of lots of others) went through when I quit taking it all at once.

Thanks MOM for being relentless and continuing to tell me to quit taking my allergy medicine. You were right, I should have listened to you the first time. I hope this little post finds its way on the internet somewhere to help someone else quit taking their Cetirizine allergy medicine and help them understand there is a way to make the itching stop for good. ENJOY!


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