Experiment: Growing Romaine Lettuce

I’m convinced that you can learn to do absolutely anything on YouTube! Doubt my claim, search “How to _______” (and whatever it is you would like to learn to do) and BANG, an endless amount of videos teaching you to do just that. This post was sparked by a video entitled “Easiest Vegetables to Grow in a Small Space” that I watched last week. Continue reading “Experiment: Growing Romaine Lettuce”

Taco Tuesday

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I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before but we are a big fan of Mexican food in our house. We have celebrated many of birthdays either cooking Mexican food or going to a Mexican restaurant and celebrating in the presence of a Mariachi band. We love it in all forms, and my son is really jumping on the band-wagon too. Sandwich anything between a tortilla and dip it in “sad peam” (sour cream) and he will chow down. Continue reading “Taco Tuesday”