Strawberry Cream Bars — “I need them for TOMORROW”

I love when I get glimpses into my future, glimpses of the conversations that I know I will have with my children, it’s just a matter of time before this conversation is going to happen:

“Mommy, it’s due tomorrow. We have to go buy poster board and make the project tonight. They just told us about it TODAY!” Continue reading “Strawberry Cream Bars — “I need them for TOMORROW””

Taco Tuesday

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I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before but we are a big fan of Mexican food in our house. We have celebrated many of birthdays either cooking Mexican food or going to a Mexican restaurant and celebrating in the presence of a Mariachi band. We love it in all forms, and my son is really jumping on the band-wagon too. Sandwich anything between a tortilla and dip it in “sad peam” (sour cream) and he will chow down. Continue reading “Taco Tuesday”