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Well, well, well-

I wasn’t super sure how to start this, but from my experience reading blogs my most favorite ones are the ones in which after reading said post, I feel like I just spent the afternoon with that person. I want to be relatable and you to feel like you can accomplish anything I did in that said day and I also from time to time want to make you chuckle at my daily shenanigans.

First some back story- I went to school at West Virginia University and studied Forensic Science. While there I met Patrick and got engaged my senior year. After graduation, I moved to Charlotte, NC and tried very hard to find a job in what I just got my diploma for. After several months of trying with no luck I decided that I could NOT dust the house one more time that day and became a sales associate at Gap Inc. (mind you I have NEVER worked retail before, but I couldn’t possibly sit home another day) After several years there learning the ropes, I became the Assistant Manager. I also got married to Patrick in 2011 and pregnant with my son in 2014. Most would say PRIOR to Februrary 2015 I was one of the most organized, punctual, and on the ball people they knew. After that cold day in February when I gave birth to my first born is another story. Which brings us to today—-

I still work retail, just part time and no longer a manager. Today I was supposed to work and on work days Patrick and I eat dinner in passing as he comes home and I leave to head to work. I made my drive to work talking to my mom about our day and then ended our conversation once I arrived. This transition from home eating dinner with my son to driving to work to be on time is tight. I arrived with one minute to spare to see my co-workers look at me in that way that says “what are you doing here?” TODAY is Wednesday and I do not have to work today, this week I work TOMORROW!

I hope you will join me as I can guarantee there will be more funny stories like this. There will also be a lot of good content that I am anxious to share with the world about how we live our life and how you can too!

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