How do you Clean?

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As I’ve mentioned before, I really became aware of all that we put into our bodies and all we are surrounded with around the time I became pregnant with my son. We began eating more consciously and slowly began to change our house over to more natural products that are safer for our family. Today I will share with you the products we have narrowed down our cleaning routine to, in addition to some good old fashioned organic white¬†vinegar and water cleaning. As you can see we are pretty heavily dominated by Seventh Generation, I just feel very confident in using their products, with a few others sprinkled in along the way. I also like that I can easily get all of this stuff in my trips to Target or my local grocery store.

#1 Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner

  • Environmental Working Group Grade: A
  • Suitable for: Children’s Toys, Garbage Cans, Appliances, Counter Tops, High Chairs, Changing Tables
  • The WHY we love it part: I consider myself a very clean person, but I also know how important it is not to clean so much as to wipe all the “good” dirt and bacteria away. We use this to clean up most often after cooking with raw meat in the kitchen or to clean the garbage can lid, and inside the sink. Only reserved for jobs that need disinfecting, not just general cleaning.

#2 Honest Company Multi-Surface Cleaner

  • Environmental Working Group Grade: C
  • Suitable for: Countertops, toys, high chairs, walls, wood, floors, porcelain, granite, electronics, grills
  • The WHY we love it part: This product is rated a C on EWG, and as I said changing your life around to using the BEST products for your family is a process. This is a middle of the road product, still a lot better than the options we were using before, but is in our round-up because of its versatility. I can use it to dust my furniture, clean the countertops, and even clean the floors. Plus it smells clean and refreshing too, grapefruit!

#3 Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid

  • Environmental Working Group Grade: C
  • Suitable for: dishes (not in dishwasher)
  • The WHY we love it part: For me it was somewhat difficult to find a “natural” minded dish soap that I still felt did a good job cleaning my dishes. That is what we found in Seventh Generations natural dish liquid. I like all of the scents (un-scented, lavender) but the Clementine & Lemongrass scent is probably my favorite. Makes a good amount of bubbles, and doesn’t leave residue on your dishes. I have it in a soap dispenser in my kitchen, and we use it to wash hands as well.

#4 Seventh Generation Dishwasher Detergent Packs

  • Environmental Working Group Grade: A
  • Suitable for: Dishwasher
  • The WHY we love it part: Dishes come out clean every time, and we feel good knowing that we aren’t using harmful chemicals to wash our dishes. We use both the Free & Clear, as well as the Lemon and like both. I have also used the liquid dishwasher detergent and feel that the packs do a much better job of cleaning the dishes and is rated better by EWG than the liquid detergent which is rated “C”.

#5 Simple Truth Organic Glass Cleaner

  • Environmental Working Group Grade: *Not yet rated
  • Suitable for: Glass
  • The WHY we love it part: This one is simple, its USDA Organic!!! Our grocery store Harris Teeter was recently bought by another grocery store chain that carries the Simple Truth line of products. They have finally started filtering into our grocery store and I am beginning to love them. This glass cleaner is basically water and organic acetic acid along with some organic fragrance. It cleans windows and mirrors with a streak free shine. I don’t even have luck cleaning without streaks with the brand name competitor that everyone uses. This will be the ONLY glass cleaner we continue to buy.

I shall mention that I have also recently tried the Simple Truth Organic Toilet Bowl cleaner and love it as well. Hooray for Organic Cleaning Supplies.

I will do a post soon on the products we use to help keep our laundry clean in a natural way, but for now I hope you enjoyed this post on our transition to more natural cleaning products. Next time one of your cleaning bottles runs empty, I hope you will consider replacing it with the ones above!

If you have a favorite that I did not feature in the blog today, please list it in the comments below. ENJOY



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