Summer Must Haves

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As Summer is nearing, and in the South it feels like it has been here a few weeks already. I would like to share with you some products that we feel really help get us through Summer. These are things we use as a family to both protect us and have fun! Please ENJOY!
      -Personal care items found on the Environmental Working Group website will have a number in parentheses denoting their “grade”. The number 1 being the BEST and 10 being the WORST

Sunscreen/Bug Balm

Badger Anti-Bug Balm
Goddess Garden Everyday SPF 30 Sun Screen (1)
Goddess Garden Facial SPF 30 (1)
Goddess Garden Aloe Vera After Sun Gel
Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen, Baby SPF 30 (1)
Ocean Potion Sun care Protect & Renew Face Sunscreen SPF 35 (2)

Summer Products

Babiators Sunglasses- Toddler and kids sunglasses warranted for a years time against theft or breaking! Yes I said a WHOLE year including them getting lost. My son is two and we originally bought the 3-5 size based on feedback we got from others. He was constantly having to push them up on his nose and would get aggravated and just take them off. We then bought the 0-2 size and I think they fit much better. I honestly would say through your child turning three they could probably get away with the first size, unless you feel they have a larger head. Also, on Amazon they list the sizes as 0-3 years and 3-7 years, but the actual Babiators website lists them 0-2 years and 3-5 years. So far we love them!!

Stearns Puddle Jumper Basic Life Jacket 30-50lbs- Not to be used without adult supervision. Provides a small amount of peace of mind that my son does have some flotation device on while at the pool or around water. He actually doesn’t seem to mind wearing it and he is starting to get confidence in paddling his arms and kicking his legs while wearing it. Watch out swimmer!!

Strider Classic Balance Bike, 18M+- We bought this as a gift for our son for Christmas. In just five short months he has made so much improvement in his confidence in striding and balancing this bike. We aren’t feet off the ground yet, but I can see how beneficial learning to balance first and then transitioning straight to a peddle bike without training wheels is going to be!

Radio Flyer 3 in 1 Grandstand Wagon- this is a great item for festivals, the park, or just around the neighborhood. It has two seats and four cup holders (two for the kiddos, two for adults).

The seat backs can be folded down and the side slat taken out and placed on top of the other side to act as a backrest and it turns the wagon into a bench seat, perfect for sitting and watching fireworks or eating lunch. You can buy LOTS of accessories for it as well!

Super-Brella Portable All-Weather and Sun Umbrella, 8′ canopy- used this at the beach this summer and it was nice and spacious for us to have an area to sit in the shade, reapply sunscreen, each lunch, and keep our food cooler. Very quick and easy to assemble as well (always a plus when you have a toddler running around while trying to do so).

Summer Sweet Treats

Publix GreenWise Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream– Personally, I don’t only think that this is the best organic ice cream, I think its probably my favorite ice cream ever. All of their organic flavors are delicious, but the mint is the best. We ALWAYS have it in the freezer.

Organic Whole Fruit Frozen Juice-These are a great treat after playing outside or at the pool on a hot day to get some hydration in. My son also enjoyed them occasionally when teething.

NEW this summer are by PhillySwirl, Organic Jungle Swirls and Organic SwirlStix. We haven’t tried these yet, and these probably aren’t something I will give my son. They don’t seem as fruit juice based as the others, but they are a refreshing snack for adults who like popsicles too but do not want artificial flavors, colors, and who knows what in their popsicle.







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  1. I love all the information! I’m glad I don’t have to research the sunblock! Now I know exactly what to buy! Thank you!

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