Roundup, Glyphosate, GMO

This post could potentially be controversial to some people out there but, one of my original desires to enter the blogging world was to educate people in a down to earth way. Science is scary for a lot of people and most people don’t have the time to do research. I hope this post helps to educate you on Roundup, glyphosate, and how it is harming our food system today.

Let’s start with the super simple basics:

Roundup is a product a lot of people use to combat pesky weeds- YES
*More than 200 million lbs. of Roundup sprayed each year in the US.

Seeds grown in the US have been genetically modified (GMOs) to grow better and yield “better” crops- YES

These plants have been modified to withstand being sprayed with Roundup so the weeds around them die but they don’t- YES

The Roundup or more importantly the glyphosate herbicide found within Roundup seeps into the soil and then into the plant itself-YES

American’s eat these plants that have been genetically modified and sprayed with Roundup and ingest glyphosate at amounts drastically surpassing the allowable amounts- YES

What is Glyphosate?
  • main component in Roundup
  • a probable carcinogenic
  • linked to hormone disruption
  • has been shown to cause alterations of kidneys and livers in rats

What concerns me the most is that a baby/toddler can eat a bowl of their favorite toasted oat cereal for breakfast, and already surpass their “allowable” amount of glyphosate consumption for the day. This is  CHILD we’re talking about people, they have only been awake for breakfast and have already had too much of a potential very damaging chemical. Start looking, its everywhere.

What Can You Do?


The information above about the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen was provided by the Environmental Working Group. When buying the above items at the grocery store, try to buy organic if at all possible for items on the EWGs Dirty Dozen List. Read more on their website about why these twelve items have more pesticide residue present than any others!

Articles that Provide More Information

Glyphosate Test Results

Glyphosate Fact Sheet

Strawberries- A MUST EAT ORGANIC

Glyphosate is a large part of the problem, but there are a lot of other issues too. I am not here to force a lifestyle on anyone or discuss all of the facts and reasons as to why we have chosen this organic lifestyle, I just want to provide a bit of information to educate you. Being an organic family is a lot more than the idea of avoiding eating food that is loaded with Roundup, its about me hoping to provide the healthiest and safest environment for my family.

If anything I hope it helps you to not be “scared” of organic food, because I have heard that from people before. They don’t want to purchase things because they think it will taste different, and even if it does, just be mindful that what you are eating is a little less harmful for you than its non organic counter part.

And by all means find the balance that works for you, for us it is about 90/10. If after you read this article you say I’m going to McDonald’s to eat whatever I want to, that’s fine. I also look forward to you thinking through the decisions you make at the grocery store this week, maybe you buy your first organic food item, and make your first stride in the direction of eating organically, I would be thrilled!

Until then— I am going to go eat the rest of this delicious DONUT that we splurged on this afternoon as a special treat!!






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