Stay Away Natural Spider Repellent

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Here it goes for my first product review. This past week Social Nature sent me a voucher for a free Stay Away Natural Spider Repellent, all I had to do was review the product for them with my honest opinions. This review is a representation of my true thoughts on the product and is in no way influenced by Social Nature or the brand Earthkind.

Stay Away Spiders-3 Pack

Earthkind makes several different natural repellents for pests and creatures in your house. I redeemed my voucher at Lowes Home Improvement store and their display had repellents for spiders, moths, and rodents. In looking online I see that they also make repellents for ants and beetles as well. If these continue to work, I look forward to ordering the ant pouches off of Amazon (a Mom’s best friend)!

Stay Away considers themselves the first natural pest prevention that uses only plant fibers and essential oils to effectively deter pests. They guarantee that their products are safe for humans, pets, as well as the environment. This particular one for spiders says to place anywhere webs or spiders are noticed. It mentions closets, basements, or crawl spaces as those are areas that are typically dark, free of scents, and vibrations which are ideal for spiders to call home. The Stay Away pouch emits a pleasant scent to humans but one which interferes with spiders sense of smell and deters them from creating webs in those spaces.

The box directs you to place one pouch per entry way and roughly two pouches per small room. We redeemed our voucher for just one and placed it in our front entry way closet to see how it would work in that space. I wanted to see the effectiveness before purchasing others to put around our house.

I am pleased with the fact that I have not seen any new spider webs form in that time nor have I seen any small house spiders crawling around in or around that area. The scent combination of citronella, lemongrass, and rosemary is pleasant in our house and does not disturb our everyday living by being to strong or off-putting. The pouches are said to have effectiveness for 30-60 days.

The price average for these pouches is between $6-9 for a single pouch and $16-20 for a three pack. Prices all depend on which one you are looking to purchase. As with all natural products, they typically are a little pricier than their not so natural/poisonous counterparts. The more I delve into the natural living lifestyle, I find that for the most part there aren’t many prices that I am not willing to pay if it means knowing that my family is better off because of it. The idea of poisonous pest traps in my house with a toddler is alarming and I was very happy to find these. I would like if they were more like $4-6 dollars a pouch, but hopefully after they gain popularity the price will drop a bit.

Social Nature also sent a voucher to get a free moth repellent as well. When I got home and opened it there was moisture in the package so I have to return it and get another. Here’s to hoping that this will be helpful when sweater season comes in keeping those pesky moths away from wool sweaters!

I do hope you will try these in some form in your house, especially if you have little ones running around. I know I feel a lot better knowing that my traps are not poisonous to my child. Please comment if you have tried or are going to order them to try, ENJOY!

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