Strawberry Cream Bars — “I need them for TOMORROW”

I love when I get glimpses into my future, glimpses of the conversations that I know I will have with my children, it’s just a matter of time before this conversation is going to happen:

“Mommy, it’s due tomorrow. We have to go buy poster board and make the project tonight. They just told us about it TODAY!” Continue reading “Strawberry Cream Bars — “I need them for TOMORROW””

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mastery

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I shall begin this post by telling you this is NOT a healthy recipe, however it is a recipe that I feel that everyone needs to have in their recipe book.

I have fought a long and hard battle with one of my favorite snackable desserts… the CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE. I have tried many different recipes, altering the ratio of brown sugar to regular sugar, more and less flour, higher and lower oven temperatures, changing the length of the bake time, I’m telling you literally everything. Continue reading “Chocolate Chip Cookie Mastery”